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Le 4 mai 2021

Télé-Québec entrusts its national sales to CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions

Télé-Québec is entrusting its advertising representation outside Québec to the CBC & Radio-Canada Solutions Média sales team effective this June.

Like all Canadian broadcasters, Télé-Québec is operating in a television landscape that is constantly shifting locally, nationally and internationally. Not only is competition between media intense and pervasive, but the rapid technological progress of local and foreign broadcasting platforms is forcing broadcasters to maximize their business strategies to protect their independent revenues.

Consequently, Télé-Québec wanted to join a media group with complementary content and similar target-audience profiles to represent its content to national advertisers, many of whose decision centers are located in Toronto. This sales force will complement Télé-Québec’s own team in Montréal, which remains fully dedicated to the public broadcaster's representation in Québec.

Katia Villeneuve, General Manger, Sales, Media Creativity and Marketing, Télé-Québec, is delighted with this business partnership: "The concentration of media groups continues to evolve," she notes. "Added to this is the increasingly imposing presence of international technology companies. Against this changing background, our association with CBC/Radio-Canada protects Télé-Québec's revenues by ensuring that we are represented with agencies and advertisers."

CBC/Radio-Canada is equally enthusiastic: "CBC/Radio-Canada is grateful for the confidence shown by Télé-Québec," says Donald Lizotte, General Manager and Chief Revenue Officer, CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions. "We are convinced that this association between public broadcasters will increase the exposure of their content to agencies and advertisers outside Québec."

Télé-Québec would like to acknowledge the constant efforts of and positive collaboration with Airtime Television Sales, which represented Télé-Québec for the past few years.


Source: Catherine Leboeuf | 514 378-0717 |

Source : Relations de presse

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